The salt of the earth

In Matthew 5, Jesus compares His followers to salt and light. He says, “ye are the salt of the earth” and later “ye are the light of the world.” Salt and light both have one thing in common. They make you aware of something that was there the whole time, you simply could not perceive it. Have you ever tasted bland food, and then added salt? Suddenly you were aware of all the rich, bold, spicy, or subtle flavors of that food. Have you ever stumbled in darkness, then turned on the light? Suddenly you could see your surroundings and you were aware. God wants His church to have an identical effect on the world. Our lives here on earth have a singular purpose: to point others to Christ. Our purpose is to enable others to “taste of the heavenly gift.” We are to shine light into the world and make the people in it aware of their condition. Make them aware of the opportunity set before them. Psalm 34:8 states, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.”

O Lord, let us be salt- that they might taste, and light- that they might see.

How shall they hear without a preacher?    Romans 10:14


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