Asking and asking and asking and . . .

Do you know that one person that never stops nagging you? Every time you see them, they are asking you to do that same thing for them. The person keeps asking, and eventually they get what they want. Just as that person repeatedly asks and then receives, God wants us to ask Him for what we want, repeatedly.

Jesus uses a parable very much like this in Luke 18. He tells a story of a widow and an unjust judge. The judge apparently did not care much for justice, but this lady kept coming and asking for justice to be done. In the end, the judge said, "I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me," Luke 18:5. This judge did not care about anything but himself, yet when the widow kept asking, he eventually gave her what she wanted. Just like this judge answered the woman, God will answer us.

God does care for justice, He waits to answer our pleas for different reasons. When you cry unto God, He will not always answer right away. But He will answer. God tells us in His Word, to keep coming to Him in prayer. I honestly believe that God waits to answer our prayers because our continual pleading does a work in us. As we pray to Him, the truth that He is our source of everything becomes a reality to us. That reality and that pleading brings our prayers to existence.

Is there an unjust situation in your life? I challenge you: pray to God continually. Go to Him every hour of the day. Make your request known. If God reveals that His plan includes that situation, then thank Him and pray for something else. But if God does not reveal that the situation is His plan, then keep praying until He removes it. Your persistence will bring God’s power into play.

As He said in His Word:
"And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" – Luke 18:7


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