100% user approval rating

Do you ever go on ebay or amazon and find the perfect thing? Or maybe it’s a near perfect thing. Then you look at your seller. He’s got a 100% user approval rating, and he’s had hundreds of thousands of customers. Well, I’m sure you’ve never seen that. Usually, no matter how good a seller is, if he’s sold to a few thousand, he’s got a few bad reviews. But I’d invite you consider a similar idea.

Ya see, sometimes in our Christian life, we struggle with faith. Just like when we’re shopping on ebay, amazon, or craigslist, we might have doubts. When we have doubts about a seller online, we look at their history. We examine their track record. And if it’s good, we deem that business person worthy of our time.

So I invite you to apply that same logical process to God.

I mean, David did. In Psalm 22, David said was struggling with whether God was going to help him. David reassured himself with these words, “Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.” David examined God’s past and found God to have a good approval rating. David trusted in God, and the end of the Psalm is full of praise to the King of Kings.

So I challenge you, if you have doubts, consider God’s history. I would submit to you that thousands have made God the Lord of their life, and not one of them was disappointed with the results. Thousands have trusted God to be true to His Word, and not one of them had misplaced their trust.

Trust in God.

His Word is sure and He loves you. Ask the Lord to strengthen your faith. You can’t please Him without it.

Further reading: Hebrews 11


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