Where are you leading?

I once heard a story about some whales that swam up onto a beach. The entire group of whales died. For some reason or another scientists studied these whales to see why they had swam into clearly dangerous waters. The scientists discovered (I have no idea how) that one of the whales had a problem with the part of it’s brain that registered direction.

The scientists concluded that since these types of whales travel in groups, that the group followed that one messed-up whale, and as a result, all the whales died.

I think the same situation happens in people groups every day. I mean, ever hear about some group of kids having this "bright" idea. It turns out that the idea wasn’t that bright after all. It’s like one or more of them wasn’t thinking quite right, and the rest just followed.

Take John 21 for example. (Read here: http://blb.sc/1a0C ) The disciples are all grouped together. Peter decides to go fishing. The disciples follow. Peter jumps out of the boat. The disciples follow. Jesus says, get the fish. Peter single-handedly pulls up the fish. (Disciples stand around awkwardly, jk jk)

Think about this scene. The disciples didn’t know what to do. They were unsure. But they all followed Peter. Why? Because Peter was an action type of guy. It wasn’t because Peter was all prestigious or anything. Matthew was a rich tax collector, and we have reason to believe that Bartholomew was of royal blood.

The disciples followed Peter because he did something. It’s that simple.

Now think. How many times do you do something? You take action thousands of times a day for various reasons. Each one of your actions has the potential to lead others toward service toward Christ, or away from His service.

I challenge you. Examine your actions. Are you leading those around you toward righteousness or apostacy? Whether you know it or not, you are a leader. Even if by nature, you are a follower, you are still leading people to follow one person or another. You have a responsibility to yourself to do the right thing. You have a responsibility to God to do the right thing.

If that does not motivate you, you have a responsibility to others to do the right thing.

No matter if you like it or not, you are a leader. Where are you leading?


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