When you want that candy bar . . .

Have you ever seen a little kid whining in a store. They want that candy and they want it now. Or maybe they want some toy. A lot of times, parents today, will give in to their children’s childish demands. Hopefully, the parent you saw stood their ground. If the parent stood their ground, that kid probably looked really stupid. I mean, that parent wants what is best for them, and they are refusing to trust them.

You know, many times we’re just like that stubborn child. I mean, have you ever complained about a situation in your life? I know I have. Ever been dissatisfied with your lot. I’m sure we all have. It seems natural for us to complain and be unhappy with things, but it is not natural behavior for Christians.

God wants the very best for us. When he allows something into our life, he is doing it for our good. Maybe that thing will bring us joy. Maybe that thing will put us through a trial that will teach us to be more like Him. No matter what, God has given us our current circumstances because He wants the very best for us.

Perhaps that child, threw himself on the ground and threw a tantrum. Maybe he tried to hold his breath. Maybe he tried to give his parent the silent treatment. Next time you complain, or you’re tempted to complain, I want you to think of that stubborn child. Imagine the parent slowly walking out of the store after checking out. The parent will never abandon the child, but for a moment, the child realizes that his actions are distancing himself from the one he really loves.

The child runs to his parent and grabs their hand. He dries his eyes, and pretends like nothing happened. That child decided that fellowship with his parent was more important to him than the petty thing that he wanted. I hope you’ll make that same choice. Nothing on this earth is worth breaking fellowship with our Creator. He is the best we can ever have.

Won’t you trust Him with your future. Trust Him no matter what "desires" you will have to give up? I encourage you, trust God with your life. In the end, you’ll see He was looking out for your best all along.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." – Romans 8:28


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