When you’ve been wronged . . .

Have you ever just known that you had been wronged. Something played out, and you knew that someone had wronged you and you had rights. You were ready to fight for yourself and enact vengeance, and get justice! Take it all the way to the Supreme Court! if you will. When we think we have been wronged, it is not our place to seek out absolute justice. We must seek God on the correct action.

Remember when Joseph and Mary were planning to get married? (Matthew 1:18-24) Turns out Mary became pregnant. We know that the child was conceived by the Holy Ghost, but Joseph didn’t. From my limited understanding of Jewish law, I believe he was within his rights to have her publicly stoned. According to Jewish culture they were already married, and from Joseph’s viewpoint, she had committed adultery.

Joseph reacted mercifully. Joseph choose to show love and compassion. He was going to put her away privately. Isn’t that a perfect picture of Christ? While it’s typical of the world to cry justice, Christ shows mercy to us.

But let’s take another look at the situation. How embarrassing would it have been for Joseph if he had angrily decided to stone her. Imagine, the Lord intervening and shining a light and telling him that the Messiah was to come from his wife. All in all, it would have been a messy situation.

Keep that idea in your mind. The awkward correction and the anger inside being forced to subside. Every time we react in anger to a situation that we don’t have all the facts for, we have the potential of having that exact type of situation. How easy is it to go from showing mercy, to finding out that no mercy in needed. How hard is it to go from an angry obsession with justice, to a realization that we are wrong.

How are you when you find that you may have been wronged? Do you react rightly? Or do you react in anger and vengeance? The example of Joseph is not perfect, I grant you, but I leave you with this. Don’t make decisions without having all the facts, or without exercising God’s love. We must be very careful when we find ourselves administering justice. Sometimes it’s warranted, and sometimes we need to show mercy. No matter which, each action must be taken in an attitude of love. For without love, we are nothing.

Do you react in love?


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