How hard is it for those who trust in ______

In Mark 10:23-25, Jesus gives an exclamation to the effect that it is hard for rich people to go to heaven. Then he explains himself, He says, "how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!"(Mark 10:25) This passage gives the idea that when man has a lot he can trust in, he feels that he doesn’t need to trust in God.

Using the principle of the text, I wish to draw a different application. The principle is this: those who have more, find it easier to trust in what they have rather than what God has to offer. So my question to you is, What do you have?

Perhaps you are a great writer, a great musician, a great athlete, a good thinker, a problem solver, a skillful procrastinator, whatever you have in your possession. Think of that trait. Now, do you ever brag about it? Do you rely on it? When things get tough, do you trust in it? Perhaps you are following God’s will for your life, but behind the scenes in the secrecy of your heart you are thinking, "Well, if this doesn’t work out, I know I can _______."

Just as it was hard for those to trust in riches to enter the kingdom, it can be hard for skillful or talented people to rely on God for their strength. I challenge you today, examine yourself. Is there something you are trusting in? Is there a task in which you rely on your talents instead of God?

Trusting in ourselves is foolish. Trusting in our talents is equally as foolish. God gave us our ability. God gave us our being. We wouldn’t exist without His deciding to create us. We must trust God to help us work for Him. Don’t ever assume, "I got this." You are a frail human being. Trust in the Almighty Jehovah, and you will find that He can do more through you, than you could ever do by yourself.

"For without me ye can do nothing." – John 15:5


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