Job title: National leader ~~~ Job experience: shepherd

There’s something great about someone who does great things. A person who has an important job or completes a crucial task. We sit back and say, “If they never did that, then I don’t know what we’d be doing.” All of us humans are often impressed by what a person does in their life, but it seems that God’s emphasis is often on how a person does in their life.

 When the great prophet Samuel was anointing the next king, he was told not to anoint Jesse’s firstborn. God said, “I have refused him.” The candidate for king was David, a shepherd boy. Taking care of the sheep is, I’m sure, a crucial task, but it’s not very noteworthy. It doesn’t represent greatness.

 Moses, the great leader of Israel, spent decades keeping flocks in the desert. Yeah, wonderful. Do you think he was really racking up the qualifications for a national leader and diplomat? I’m sure the world didn’t think so. But apparently God did, and God used that time of preparation to mold Moses into the man God needed him to be.

 There are countless examples of someone doing something small in a great way.  I’m sure at some point Nehemiah felt that his cupbearing wasn’t doing much good for God, but when God used that position to allow Nehemiah to go rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, it was clear.

I’m sure Joseph felt that his sitting in prison wasn’t doing much good for God, but the Bible tells us that in prison, Joseph had a change of character. You see, God isn’t always focused on our changing the world for Him. Sometimes He wants to change us for Him. Sometimes the “pointlessness” of a task is designed to change us. Once we are changed, then God can use us to change the world.

 So next time you are getting ready to sweep the floor, or do that Algebra you think you will never use, remember, sometimes God will use the menial tasks to change you. But He doesn’t call every faithful person to the stage.  You may sweep the floor faithfully, and do your algebra without fail, but never get recognition. Are you willing to do that which is little, for Him? Will you be one to do the small things in a great way?

 Whatever God’s will is, be open to it. Be faithful and diligent to do what God called you to do.  You’ll be doing God’s will, you may never lead a nation, or who knows? Maybe you will.

 “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” – Colossians 3:23

 “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: ” – Luke 16:10


2 thoughts on “Job title: National leader ~~~ Job experience: shepherd

    • Yes, I am familiar with it. I love this verse:

      Does the place you’re called to labor
      Seem too small and little known?
      It is great if God is in it,
      And He’ll not forget His own.

      Glad you were encouraged!
      Soli Deo Gloria

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