Can one go upon hot coals?

Imagine a person running onto a campfire thinking they would not be burned. Or someone who grabs a fistful of coal and puts them on their lap. There is that moment where no pain is felt, and then suddenly such a person would run from fire in excruciating burning pain. We would think, “What an ignorant person!” but that is the way we behave when we participate in sin without regard for it’s cost.

Proverbs 6:27-28 uses these radical illustrations when it speaks of someone who commits adultery thinking that it will not cost them. Proverbs tells us that the consequences for adultery are very grave, but just as adultery has consequences, every sin has consequences.

You would not scoop up hot coals into your lap. Not even one or two. You would not run onto a campfire, even for a minute. Why? Because that momentary foolishness would cost you. There would be a cost in pain and in the time it would take to heal until you were able to operate at full strength and ability.

So it is the same with sin.

A moment with sin and wickedness can cost you.

It will cost you in pain and in healing time and in the time it takes to refocus your mind on Christ. So I challenge you, never engage in sin, no matter what the reason. You wouldn’t drink a little poison for fun. You wouldn’t scoop up “just a few” hot coals. Why? Because such things destroy you. Sin does more damage and has far more lasting consequences.

Telling little white lies, or stealing just a little, or compromising your purity are all ways that sin can get a foothold in your life to destroy you. Your momentary pleasure will be overshadowed by grief and pain. God loves you. He desires to keep you from all that would destroy you. I challenge you, take a stand. You will find that the pleasure found in your Savior is far greater than any pleasure gained from a moment of sin.


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