Do you speak the truth . . . in your heart?

Psalm 15 begins, “LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.” Although abiding in the tabernacle of the most high and dwelling in the holy hill of God may both sound slightly different than wording we would use, I would imagine that such statements refer to living in constant intimate communion with God.

In this passage, David declares that the person that will live in intimate communion with God is the one who walks uprightly, works righteousness, and the one who speaks truth in his heart. The list of characteristics of this person goes on, but let’s pause a moment and think on the third one.

When you speak, you are declaring something. When you speak, you are also usually communicating. Speech also usually comes out of your mouth, but this person who will live in close fellowship with God will speak truth in his heart. When you speak from with your mouth, your speech is filtered, refined, calculated, and pre-meditated. (Or many times it is) We don’t like to say what we think all the time, because our speech is heard. But the speech of the heart is vastly different. The meditations and declarations that we make in secret in the deeper part of ourselves are only known to ourselves and to God.

If one really wants to, he can find a way to project a good image of himself. Walking “uprightly” and working “righteousness” can be achieved by strength of will through the motivation of selfish pride. But speaking truth in the heart can only be achieved through a quiet surrender of one’s thoughts and life to the maker’s hand. Only God can correct the speech that comes from one’s heart.

Here is the interesting aspect of this passage.   No one can be transformed in their heart without communing with their Savior first. But no one can live in that communion unless they have communed to the point of transformation. So the person who will have the privilege and the pleasure of abiding and dwelling in God’s intimate fellowship, is the person who has spent enough time with God to be transformed, first.

So, in short, if you want to LIVE in close fellowship with God, then you must take time in communion with Him to develop inner character. As you develop into a more mature Christian, you will be spending more and more time with God. So dwelling with God in His holy hill is not like some special club that you need a secret password for. It’s just a deep relationship with God that you build just like you build any relationship.

By choosing to.

Won’t you make that choice today?



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