Do you cover the sins of others?

Have you ever made a huge mistake? I’m talking about a huge mistake. A mistake that had some repercussions. And while you were staring at your mistake and being overwhelmed by it, someone came, corrected the mistake, and didn’t say anything. In a sense, they “covered” for you. I know I’ve had the blessing of that happen to me more than once.

The Bible seems to mention that exact situation in Proverbs 10. It says, “Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. Think about that for a moment. Hatred increases contention, but love hides it. Imagine your making a mistake, and someone comes over, points it out, complains about it, tells all kinds of people, makes a big deal about correcting it, and then brings it up all the time. That’s the hatred that increases strife.

But remember the first situation. If they simply helped you fix the problem and moved on, then life was a lot simpler and peace was maintained.

I think it’s obvious which situation we should opt for. Love covers sin.

When you see that someone has made a mistake that either harms themselves or you, don’t make a scene. Don’t let your hatred increase strife. Decide to love, cover the sin, and move on. Obviously, if someone is being repetitive about their “mistakes” then you may need to cut ties with them, but make sure it is necessary. Many times we unnecessarily take opportunity to stir up strife, when in actuality, we should be covering each other’s sins.

I encourage you, cover the sins of those around you and keep strife at a minimum. Ask God for wisdom if you ever believe you must depart from another’s company, but until then, keep your love covering, and your forgiveness free.


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