Who has peaceful enemies?

It’s not fun having enemies. Having to watch your back. Not knowing who is plotting against you. We can trust in the Lord during these times, but nevertheless it is not enjoyable. Imagine if you had peace with all your enemies? What would that be like? Even the people who hated you, didn’t feel the need to fight or plot against you.

That is exactly what God promises to the man who’s life pleases Him. In Proverbs 16:7, God tells us, “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Now that’s an amazing promise.

God tells us in his word that if we keep our minds on Him, he will give us perfect peace. I always considered that to be a complete calmness and serenity during adversity, but it seems that it may more than that. If our lives please Him, He gives us rest from the contention with our enemies.

He gives us peace.

I challenge you, decide to have your ways please the Lord. If you are having severe problems with some “enemies” it may be time to ask God where you are not pleasing Him. Listen to His voice, repent where you must, change your lifestyle, and enjoy the peace that He gives to those who please Him.

God wants to reward you with a peaceful and prosperous life. All you must do is obey Him!



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