What did God do wrong?

There is a common idea in the world that says something like, if we worship God, we’re doing Him a favor. Like it’s our “duty” but really we’re helping God out when we do something right. In reality, we’re doing ourselves a favor. And we’re doing the only reasonable thing.

In Jeremiah 2, God is pleading with the people of Israel to come back to Him. God desires revival for His people, and as He calls to them, He asks a question that can really make us think.

One question He asks is in verse 5. He asks, “Thus saith the LORD, What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain?” What a thought! We will consider breaking it off with someone if they treat us wrongly. God asks those who have turned from Him, “What have I done wrong?” “What sin did I commit?”

God has never done anything amiss. He is eternally righteous and just. If you find that your life is being lived in a way that chases after vanity, realize that you have ceased to seek after God. It is a fundamental axiom of the universe that God is perfect. He does nothing wrong. He commits no sin or injustice. So the question asked in the scripture is obviously rhetorical.

God has given us life, provision, and the promise of an eternal relationship. Why would we turn from Him? What could bring us to turn from our fellowship with Him? Nothing but our own selfishness.

I challenge you, if you have turned from God in any way, go back to Him today. God calls after you just like He called to the Israelites. He is ready to receive you, if you will only turn to Him.

Won’t you turn to Him? After all, what evil has He done to you?



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