Did you fix your heart today?

Most people can tell you that when you turn on the news, or go online to look at a news website, you will find bad news. All over the world, the most shocking, grotesque, and base things that humanity has done is published abroad for all to observe. The news is also filled with many reports that bring fear. Whether by design or nature, many articles and soundbites bring fear to observers.

Which world power has nuclear weapons, which new disease has no known cure, which horrible natural disaster could strike your area next, which new economic development could bring a meltdown, – all such things can bring fear.

I’m sure you know where this is leading.

The Christian need not fear any of these things. Fear is completely unnecessary. Psalm 112:7 tells of the righteous man. It says, “He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD.”

The word “fixed” has the idea of prepared. If you were to a-fix a shelf to a wall, you would be preparing it to hold the weight of whatever you would put upon it. The same is with your heart. The righteous man prepares his heart by trusting in the Lord. By encouraging himself in the Lord and absorbing His word, the righteous man obtains security in his faith.

When “evil tidings” or bad news comes his way, he is prepared, and fear has no power over him.

So I challenge you, prepare your heart.

Find your stability and security in Christ. There will always be bad news to bring fear, but God is your rock. You have no need of fear, you have Christ. If you prepare your heart now, the next time you hear of some “frightening” news, you will not be shaken. Your trust will be in the Almighty who controls all circumstances and is Lord over all.


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