Have God lift up your head

Have you ever heard someone say, “Keep your head up!” Maybe you were going through a tough time and they wanted to encourage you. Many times when troubled times hit those around us, we cannot fix their problem. We can encourage and pray for them, but ultimately their help has to come from God.

When it comes to keeping your head up, there’s no better helper than God Himself. Do you know that in Psalms, David actually says that God brings His head up? In Psalm 3, David says,

“But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.”

God lifted up David’s head. That’s right, God Himself lifted David’s head. And how was that possible? If you look at the Psalm you can see David’s thoughts. First he speaks of how many people have come against him. Second, he recalls that many people say that his condition is hopeless. The next verse reveals that David was speaking to God the whole time. Even though trouble seemed to be all around, David was not shaken.

David’s head did not hang down. He knew who his God was.

So next time you find a friend with his head hanging low, remind him of Who can lift up his head. God is the one that protects us, He is what we can glory in, and He is the one that keeps our head up.

Is your head up today?


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