Finding acceptability

The word “grace” is one of the most interesting words we use. We use it when we are talking about something that is flawless or beautiful, such as a graceful dancer or gazelle. We use it to speak of God’s unmerited kindness to us, such as when He “graciously” offers us salvation. But one very profound statement we find over and over in the Old Testament, is that someone found “grace” in the sight of God.

In this meaning, it doesn’t mean some sort of undeserved gift or special elegance. It means that someone was acceptable in God’s eyes.

Think about just one instance: Noah. The first use of the word “grace” is found with Noah. God is disgusted with the whole earth, but “Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” Noah was acceptable. We don’t know a whole lot about Noah. It’s almost like we would like to pretend we do.

We have a snapshot of Noah’s life.

He built an ark and was ultimately used by God to save mankind and all the animals. Other than that, and one embarrassing episode, we don’t know too much. But even if we only had that one verse: “Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD,” We would know that Noah’s life was a success.

God was please with Noah.

What else is there? What other accomplishment could bring fulfillment to a life? We aren’t given the exact reason why Noah found grace in God’s eyes. We can say things like, “He was obedient” or “He had faith,” but we aren’t given much information about his identity or lifestyle. The Bible clearly tells us how we can find acceptability in God’s eyes. It’s not complicated. It’s just simple obedience.

So how about you? Are you willing to attain to finding grace in the eyes of God? It’s the greatest goal you can every set. And if you strive for it with all of your being it will not be out of reach.



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