Would Jesus believe in you?

It’s easy to believe when things look right. When you see something that confirms your faith, your faith is not necessary. You’re really not even exercising faith. It’s when things look horrible, that you must exercise faith to believe God is good. It’s when all the “facts” go against God’s word that you must decide to have faith. Many Christians live a substandard life because they never realize how to maintain their faith.

In John 2, we find a record of some of those same people. John 2:23 says, “Now when he was in Jerusalem at the passover, in the feast day, many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did. But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man.”

When I first read the passage, I was a little confused, but I think the key to understanding the passage is the phrase “when they saw the miracles.” Obviously Jesus knew something about these people that didn’t show up right away. Jesus didn’t “commit” or “have faith” in these followers because they only believed because of the miracles. The phrasing would seem to suggest that they weren’t going to commit to Jesus, they were just causal followers.

If you contrast this conversion with the conversion of most of the 12, you will find that Jesus didn’t work miracles when the twelve were gathered to Him. He simply asked, and they followed. The 12 didn’t demand great show, pomp, or circumstance. They made a serious decision when called upon, and we find that all but one remained until the end. I honestly don’t think anyone can deny that Jesus committed to these men. It is also obvious that they committed to Him. In the end, they were rewarded with both a close relationship with the Savior, and a great role in His kingdom.

So how about you? What kind of follower are you? Do you come and go with tide. Do you “catch up” with God when it’s convenient and drop Him like an old fad when it’s not? Or are you a committed disciple of Christ? Only you can answer that, and only you can decide what you will be in the future.

Jesus will not cast his pearls before swine, and he will not invest in or commit to those who will not take his guidance to heart. Christ is looking for willing vessels who will stand through the trials of life and be committed. He wants to use such people. Will you be one of them?


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