Is there a necessity?

You’ve probably heard the phrase before, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And it’s true, there are countless stories of someone in need who found a way to get something done. They needed to. So they found a way. It’s true of people in the Bible also, when then needed something, they found a way to get it. Take the story in Mark 2 for instance:

Jesus is inside a house teaching, and the house is full, and there are people outside the house. And people outside those people- everyone wants to hear Jesus. Now, one man is sick of a debilitating disease. His friends want to get him to Jesus. What do they do? The place is crowded, there’s too many people. No one wants to step aside so they can see Jesus, Jesus is busy teaching anyway, their friend is getting to heavy to carry now, might as well go home right? Wrong.

One of their ingenious party gets the bright idea to go through the roof. They make their way (probably around a multitude of people) to the roof of the house, and they start tearing it up. Eventually there is enough space to lower their friend. They lower their friend down to Jesus and Jesus not only heals him, but forgives his sin. Mission accomplished.

But that’s not the only story where people overcame “impossible” situations to get to Christ. Remember Zacchaeus who was so short that he decided to climb a tree so he could see Jesus when He passed by? Jesus understood his heart and decided to visit his house that night. How about the blind man who couldn’t even see Jesus? He yelled and yelled and wouldn’t stop ’till Jesus came to him. He received his sight.

So how about you in your life? The question is not whether or not you “have time for God,” or if you are “too busy,” or “not getting anything out of your devotions.” The question is, “Is there a necessity?” Do you NEED to get to Jesus. Because if you don’t, you can always find an excuse not to, but if you do you can always find a way to make yourself available to hear from Him.

I challenge you to search your heart on this matter. Is there a necessity to seek God, or is knowing God just an option in your mentality? Only you can answer that. But you can be sure, if you make God a priority and seek Him with a pure heart, He will not be hard to find.

“The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.” – Psalm 34:15

Remember, it does not matter who you are, if you cry out to God for fellowship with Him, He will not be far away.


2 thoughts on “Is there a necessity?

  1. That was a great post, and I confess I’ve had times where I didn’t think I needed God, but He has shown me how hopeless I am on my own, and how much I need Him. To have fellowship and to seek Him.
    God bless!

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