For my love they are my adversaries

People will dislike you. They will persecute you. They will mistreat you. And they will do such things for many different reasons. One possible reason that people will mistreat you is that you carry the love of God with you. God’s love is powerful. It is a mystery to those who reject it. And it can be irritating to those who would remain alienated from God.

Psalm 109:4 says, “For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.” Notice the reaction of the psalmist. He gave himself to prayer. He didn’t try to talk them into being a friend. He didn’t lash out at them. He didn’t point fingers and stir up strife.

He gave himself to prayer.

In this life you will encounter many conflicts. Most likely you will find many enemies for the reason of the love of God that dwells in you, or other reasons. When people rise against you, it is not for you to fight or to struggle for your place. It is for you to give yourself to prayer.

No matter how our situation appears, let us never forget that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. God has the power to turn the hearts of our “adversaries” or to bring judgment on them. It is His decision. Whatever the cause, let us bring our case to God. Let us plead our cause with Him. Let us give ourselves to prayer and trust that the Judge of the earth will do right.

Next time an “adversary” rises against you, don’t take action against them- give yourself to prayer.


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