When a nation has crumbled

Thousands of years ago Nehemiah wept for the state of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, his nation’s capital, was in ruins. The walls were broken down leaving it virtually defenseless; and it’s people had strayed from God, leaving them demoralized and vision-less.

Nehemiah came back to Jerusalem to rebuild both its physical defenses and foster its spiritual growth. He could have looked at the task in dismay and thought of how great the task was, but he didn’t. He just got to work. The most interesting part of how the people worked is found in Chapter 3.  Each family group picked the part of the wall and rebuilt it. One common theme is that many of them worked near their own house. Yes, some teamed up and worked to rebuild a main entrance-way, but many worked right next to their house.

Looking at this from a spiritual perspective, we can consider the plight of a nation that needs spiritual rebuilding. Many times we can come together and rebuild a defense for many, but it would seem that most of the time, the duty that is required of us is that we rebuild near our own house.

If each of us will take the time to teach our children righteousness, to show our neighbors kindness, and our enemies love. If each of us will take the time where we live and with those who we meet, soon enough our nation will be repaired.

I challenge you, if you see that your nation is in need of repair- take the time to invest where you live. Don’t focus on the massive project that would seem to loom in front of you. Trust God with the results, you just work where you live and allow Him to work a transformation where you are.

“and appoint watches of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, every one in his watch, and every one to be over against his house.” – Nehemiah 7:3

Who will watch out for your house, if you will not?



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