A lesson from a chicken

I have a few chickens that I tend in my backyard. They are timid and fretful creatures that have given a new meaning to the childhood accusation of cowardice. On the playground, we would goad each other into dangerous situations and if you didn’t do ______ you were a chicken. I never knew the connection, but I do now.

You see, chickens easily disturbed and distressed, it would seem that any strange noise or situation has them frantic. I remember the first time I sneezed near the creatures. They all ran for cover like the world was ending. I’m truly not exaggerating. One action that would usually upset them is when I would take away their food container.

I take away the bin simply to fill it up and make sure they have enough. But every time they wound up clucking away in worry. The most recent time I went to give them food, they seemed contented. Suddenly, I thought of how God provides for us.

Sometimes he takes away one source, simply to provide from another.

Without exception, every one of our lives will be in upheaval for one or another reason. God will remove good things from our lives. It may be a good friendship, good job, good house, fill in the blank. God will take things from our lives. When that happens, we can reaction in faith, or in worry and fear.

I know that I have lived a good portion of my life like a stressed out chicken who sees his food bin disappearing, when it is about to come right back again overflowing.

I challenge you, like I challenge myself. Have faith in God provision. He says in His word,

“No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” – Psalm 84:11

God would not take from his children and watch them suffer without having a greater purpose in mind. Trust God’s love and all-mighty power to provide! He has a plan. We must have faith like the widow who gave the prophet Elijah her last meal in the middle of a drought. She had no means of supporting herself, but God provided.

God provided for her and he will provide for you no matter what he takes from your life.

Don’t be a chicken! 🙂



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