You neva gonna getit back

I have a Mexican coworker that talks alot. We work alone together in the early mornings (like 3am). He makes the bagels, and I finish donuts. He likes to give advice on many subjects, some of which is good and some not so much. One particular thing he has said to me on many occasions is, “Don’t waste no time, you neva gonna getit back!”

I heard him and nodded my head in agreement, but on one occasion it struck a chord with me. You see, I have this problem with procrastination. It occurs in almost everything I do. It’s a cancer that creeps in when I’m not looking and suddenly I’m feeling the pressures of my laziness. I’ve known it’s a problem, but the finality of the thought – “you neva gonna getit back.” Kindof shook me up.

I’ve always reasoned in my mind that there are tasks I must do- and these tasks are my responsibility. In my mind it was fixed. These things have been entrusted to me and I must do them before a certain time. I’m sure you’ve looked at your work like this before.

But think this way, God’s will for us is not that we complete tasks like some metaphorical obstacle course. God’s will is a way of life that permeates our entire lives.

We have not been entrusted with “tasks” but with each and every moment.

The time that you spend reading this sentence was entrusted to you. And you neva gonna getit back.

Time spent unwisely, can not be made up. You can “catch up” on the work you needed to do, but you will never regain what you may have lost in your waste of time. Perhaps God had another task he wanted you to do. And there you were catching up because you had squandered the time God had given you to do ______.

I’m not trying to take you on some extended guilt trip, or tell you that you have forever destroyed some divine destiny. That is not my intent.

I simply wish to invite you to see that your responsibility on earth does not consist with the tasks that you see, but the time that you have. You may be able to “catch up” on that chore or presentation, but you can never recapture the moments that were lost to laziness. Meeting the deadline does not erase sin.


I challenge you as I challenge myself. Treasure every moment that God gives. Each one is an opportunity to serve and to love. Let us follow the charge in Ephesians 5:16,

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”


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