Why are you shoveling?

The snow was coming down hard outside, and I picked up my shovel to go. I began sweeping the steps, then shoveling the driveway. I got right to work and cleared the driveway. Then I moved to the second driveway. I was busy working hard, when I had the thought. I must look crazy. The snow is coming down harder than ever, and I’m shoveling. In my experience, and in my Connecticut town, you wait until the storm is over to shovel. So you only do it once.

I must look crazy, I thought to myself.

Anyone looking out their window would scoff at me. Look at that guy, shoveling two inches of snow. Doesn’t he know there’s plenty more to come? Doesn’t he know he’s only going to have two inches more to shovel in an hour?

Imagining this scene, I couldn’t help but think of our Christian life. You see, I had a different purpose in mind when I went to shovel my driveway. It wasn’t about the driveway. My mind was cluttered, I was under pressure. I needed to pray. I needed to get out of my house and get some fresh air. And mindless work, such as shoveling snow, is exactly helps me sort out my frustrated thoughts.

Such is our Christian life. We don’t live our lives with the same purposes as the world. The world has their own interests at the core. We have God’s. The world may treat another with respect because they want to be respected, or viewed as respectable. We do it to show God’s love. The world may seek a spouse to make them happy. We each seek a spouse that can help us serve God better. The world may take a job or promotion to make money. We do the same to please God and show His love to others.

Our purposes are vastly different.

Sometimes the Lord may lead us to act in a way that looks crazy to the world. We might look like that guy shoveling the first two inches of snow in the beginning of a blizzard. Or like that military commander who marched around a city doing nothing else for seven days. In the end, you may find yourself different. Or you might see God supernaturally remove impossible obstacles from your path.

Your job may not be there to solely make you money. It may be there to teach you. To prepare you. You do not work for the money, you work for God’s pleasure. You do not show kindness so you can get kindness in return. You may do it to please God and remind yourself to be humble. You do not serve in a ministry to see the fruit of your labors. You may never see anyone saved, but your work pleases an almighty God.

The work, kindness, or service isn’t done for it’s own sake. It’s done for Gods.

In Romans 8, the Bible teaches of two mindsets. “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” Our work must be done in the light of spiritual things. “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” Remembering the high purpose of pleasing God, is the only way we can.

Whatever your work in this world may be, whatever you may find yourself led to do- It’s not about your work, It’s about the work that God is doing by it. Others may scoff, or laugh, but you know your purpose. God smiles, and that’s all you need.




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