Do you run?

There’s a small list of people who went to Jesus in Mark chapter 5. They each had a request. They needed healing, for themselves or someone close to them. They wanted freedom or redemption. Whatever it was, they wanted the power of Christ in their lives. And of course, Christ gave it to them.

There was a ruler in the synagogue who’s daughter was sick. There was a woman who had a major illness. And there was a man possessed of demons.

Each one of these stories has an essence of desperation in them. The man’s daughter was literally on her deathbed. The woman couldn’t be healed by any of her doctors. The demon possessed man has a horrible quality of life. Each one of these people came to Christ in their desperation.

The ruler of the synagogue was powerful, and had multiple servants. But he came himself. He counted God’s power to be something that was personal, and worthy of His full attention. We know the woman must have been weak from her blood loss, and the crowd thronged Christ. Fighting her way through must have taken every ounce of her strength. And she considered it worth the fight. The man possessed of demons ran. He ran to Jesus. He knew he was in a miserable state, and he wanted to remain tormented no longer. He wasted no time coming to Christ.

Put each of these portraits together. What do you have?

Coming to Christ needs to be personal.

Coming to Christ needs to be worth the fight.

Coming to Christ needs to be first priority.

Do you consider your relationship with Christ to be all that? Do you give Him all of your attention? All of your effort? All of your urgency?

I would submit to you, your relationship with Christ must be all three. And you must count every deliverance worth all three. Are you addicted to something? Need deliverance? Do you count your deliverance worth all of these?

Do you succumb to temptation occasionally? Do you want to have victory? Do you count your victory worth all of these?

Are you apathetic in any area of your relationship with Christ? If you want victory, you must give Christ your full attention, your every effort, and your utmost urgency.

“For he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” – Hebrews 11:6


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