The author is you

With every breath, the pen moves across the paper. Another word that is etched on the pages of eternity. Sentences are formed within milliseconds, these become paragraphs which become chapters which continue on and on. Your life is being written. This is your story.

Once a word is written, it cannot be unwritten. No matter what you do you cannot take away a single sentence, nor can you replace it. Once it is marked on the pages of eternity, it is there forever. Each and every person has their story. Each and every person has their book. You will never have another story to tell, this is yours. For all eternity. You only get the one life. The one story.

Psalm 90 speaks of the shortness of our lives and how they appear to be useless since they are so short compared to God’s eternality. In verse 9 it says, “we spend our years as a tale that is told.”

Our years are spent. They are traded. Never to be redeemed. Never to be bought back. There are no refunds. You can’t take you memories back to God and trade them in to live again. This is it. Every action. Every attitude. Every encounter. Every moment you lived is preserved just as it was. What did you do with your time?

I ask you now? What will you do with your story?

How will your story end?

Will it be a tale of foreboding and warning? Will it be uplifting and inspiring?

No matter how you have lived, or what kind of story you have told with your years, it isn’t too late to turn it around. You may even be on your last chapter- it’s not too late to finish with a perfect ending!

I entreat you, tell your story well. Live your life with meaning, purpose, and with a destiny in mind. You aren’t living just for yourself, but as a testament for all eternity.


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