God may not care how you load the dishwasher

Have you ever had anyone micromanage you?

Put the dishes in the dishwasher- no, not like that.

Organize the desk- (10 min later) – Oh, let me show you how to do this.

Boss gives you a simple task- then begins to organize every moment of your day.

It can be frustrating. People want you to work, but only their way. There’s an essence of trust missing. Freedom is constricted. And your abilities of expression and innovation are restricted.

Something I find fascinating about God, is that He does not micromanage us. He does not tell us exactly what exact time of day to pray, or what specific words to say. He wants us to pray. He does not require us to wear certain color clothes. He wants us to dress modestly. He does not want or require us to do certain trades or jobs. He wants us to provide for our families.

There is tremendous freedom in Christianity.

There is tremendous allowance for expression and innovation in our personal lives.

All of this is allowed within the boundaries of honoring God.

God allows us to follow His commands however we find ourselves inclined to. As long as we are obedient, and in a right spirit, we are honoring Him.

Have you ever read a passage of scripture like, “pray without ceasing” and just move on? “That’s a nice verse, what a nice thought.” you say, and you move on.



That was a command.

God didn’t suggest that. He commanded it.

I would have been just as easy for God to command us to pray every 50th time we blinked, or every 10 steps we take, or every 40 breaths.

But He didn’t.

He just told us to stay in an attitude of prayer and communion with Him all the time.

Now if it was your job to load the dishwasher every day and you absolutely had to do it, you would find a system right? Set an alarm at 6am. Put a reminder on your phone for when you get back from work. Make it a habit every day after dinner.

Whatever! You’d have a system. Because it was important to you.

When you come across verses like, “Pray without ceasing.” or “Pray for those in authority” or “Honor your parents” or “Think on things that are true, honest and lovely

Do you take them seriously?

God isn’t micromanaging you. He’s trusting you. Hes allowing for personal expression.

He calls to you to honor Him. To love Him. To follow His commandments.

Find your way of doing that.

Maybe you need to skip the radio and listen to a passages of scriptures on your daily commute, maybe you  need to remind yourself to pray at the start of every hour, maybe you need to make a list of all your nations leaders and pray for them once a week. Perhaps you could write out a 3×5 card with some thoughts you should be thinking on.

I challenge you, don’t just skim over the commands of God.

Find them.

Listen to them.

Do them.

Make your own systems. Watch out for legalism. But use intentional guidelines to keep you on the path.

You’ll be glad you did.



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