God’s commands have no boundaries

“What are you doing with your life!” I mumbled to myself angrily at the car in front of me. Flashed my brights at him a couple of times. He was driving 25 in a 45mph zone and just slowed down to 10 while taking a turn. I was so done, I had to get to church- ironically- and I was tired of being behind such a slow driver. I reacted poorly, and allowed myself to slip into anger.

My frustration felt justified at the time, but there was nothing appropriate about my behavior in that situation. Looking back, I regret my attitude.

Funny thing is, I didn’t realize how bad my anger on the road was getting for quite some time. It was like I got behind the wheel of the car, and the fruits of the spirit meant nothing in that moment. Reading Romans a little while later I came across this verse,

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;” Romans 12:10


That hit me quite hard. really did something to me to think that that verse, applies to all my life. That annoying customer I have to serve, that person on the internet whose opinion I just want to lash out against, and yes, the driver who seems to have trouble recollecting where his gas pedal is- excuse me.

God’s commands don’t have boundaries. They aren’t just for church and that’s it. They are meant to be applied to our entire lives- every part.

I would challenge you, search your heart. Is there a part of your life you’ve sectioned off from following God’s commands? Whether it be driving, competitive sports, political arguments, or even family disagreements- God wants you to emulate Him. Don’t allow yourself to fall short of what He’s called you to in any situation.

Let’s live out His commands without boundaries!

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