It’s not time to build a calf

If you have ever spent time being led by God, you probably have experienced a time when it seemed that God wasn’t leading at all. One day, you know exactly what His will is for your life, the next, you are completely unsure and are wondering where his direct leading went. In those times, it’s not time to build a calf.

In the book of Exodus, we can follow the account of Israel (God’s people) as they are freed from bondage and then begin their journey towards the promise land. God chose Moses to lead them. Moses was their symbol of authority, their leader, and their go-to man. But one day Moses was called up to Mt. Sinai on official business.

And the people waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And it seemed like he wasn’t coming back. Have you ever felt that way? No clear direction from God, and you feel that you have to do SOMETHING! Well, the people did do something, but what they did was nothing short of idolatry and wickedness.

Chapter 32 of Exodus tells us that they took their jewelry and decided to make a golden calf. Then Aaron said, “Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD.” The next verse tells us that the next day that came the people offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. I honestly believe that some of the people were sincerely trying to worship God. But the manner of their worship was evil, and it was not acceptable to Lord. They had now bowed down to the God of heaven, but a calf of gold. They did not reverence God, but brought an abomination into their midst and called it worship.

I challenge you, never allow your impatience to bring you to the point that you are willing to worship God in your own way. Maybe you don’t know where God is leading you, or what his plan is, but now is the time to prepare for it. When  Moses came down from the mount, there was a considerable time spent correcting everything that Israel had done wrong. If they had prepared themselves in prayer and consecration to the Lord, they would have been ready for the next step that God had for them.

So in short, if God hasn’t given you direct leading of late, don’t do your own thing and make a golden calf. Don’t decide to lead yourself and strike out in a new direction for God. Wait on the Lord. Follow His last instruction. Pray and sanctify yourself so you will be ready when God wants you to move.


Learn from His, and avoid your own

Many times a believer will come to the place where they think pretty well of themselves. They cease to compare themselves to God and His righteousness, and the compare themselves with others. They start to pride themselves on what they bring to God. God’s laws aren’t important to them anymore. God should be happy with what they have deemed him worthy to receive. They are full of pride, and they will be destroyed.

Such was the condition of king Uzziah, when he tried to offer incense in the temple. This king was given the throne at age sixteen. He became a great commissioner of the army and he built many devices for war that helped Israel greatly. He honored the Lord and did what was right, but he failed to rid himself of the sin of pride.

Perhaps he was prideful at the beginning, or perhaps pride came upon him later, but when Uzziah became a strong king he lifted himself up with pride. 2 Chronicles 26:16 tells us, “But when he was strong, his heart was lifted up to his destruction: for he transgressed against the LORD his God, and went into the temple of the LORD to burn incense upon the altar of incense.”

This act of burning incense was reserved only for the sons of Aaron. In fact, several priests went after Uzziah and tried to stop him, but he would not yield. His heart was not right. In his pride, he wanted to worship God how he wanted, and not how God commanded. When the priests tried to stop him, Uzziah became extremely angry.

At that moment, God gave Uzziah leprosy.

Uzziah was cursed with this horrible disease until the day of his death. Think of this king in all his glory suddenly having to live in isolation. His glory was gone. For the rest of his life, he lived with a disease with no cure.

This is what God thinks of pride. And this was God’s punishment.

Fellow Christian, I challenge you. Don’t ever lift yourself up with pride to the point where you are not concerned about God’s commands. Seek to humble yourself, always. God does not think well of pride and He will not tolerate pride in our lives. There will be consequences. He tells us in Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before destruction,”

I encourage you, seek to humble yourself before God. Uzziah failed to, and he was destroyed. Learn from his destruction, and avoid your own.