Is your hand still in your dish?

Laying in bed, I didn’t want to get up. The sun shone in through my widow, beckoning me to enjoy its warmth outside. And the thought of being outside seemed wonderful, but I didn’t want to get up, get dressed, or do anything before I absolutely had to.

Fast forward an hour or two, I was frantically rushing out of bed, into my work clothes and out the door without barely a thought towards my lack of breakfast. I had wasted my morning because I did not desire to put forth any effort or work into it.

Have you ever behaved this way?

If so, you and I are not alone.

In Proverbs 26:15 we find an example of laziness which sums up the essence of such behavior. “The lazy man buries his hand in the bowl; It wearies him to bring it back to his mouth.”

Think about being so lazy, that you don’t want to give the effort to feed yourself. You might think, “I could never be so lazy!”

But could you?

This is a metaphor for how laziness keeps us from doing the very things which would bring us pleasure, fulfillment, and more out of life.

Do you avoid organizing your living quarters because it would take so much effort?

Do you slack on preparing meals for yourself until the last minute?

Do you skip tasks you know need to get done because you don’t feel like it?

Do you dress yourself out of your hamper instead of your closet or bureau?

Perhaps many of these examples do not apply to you, but do you have unfinished tasks that you are avoiding? Things you know you could do to improve your life, but are slack to do because of the effort.

Imagine if every task you thought of doing had been done. Your work space was organized, your yard was clean, your morning routine was always completed. Think of that book you might have finished, the time you would have to put effort into fulfilling recreation, instead of simply scrolling on your phone, that side business you could have made, those hobbies you could have pursued, that world class vacation you could have take from the proceeds of your book and side business.

Chances are, not all of these are relevant to you. But take a moment and think of where your laziness has brought you. The stress of being late to work. Spending extra money to make up for your lack of time. Those treasured memories of doing absolutely nothing and procrastinating.

Laziness is not your friend.

I challenge you, discipline yourself to improve your life in every area that you can. Banish laziness from your life. Don’t refuse to put forth the effort to nourish yourself spiritually, mentally, or physically. Laziness is knowing exactly what you should be doing, but refusing to be profitable by doing it, for the reason of nothing but your own desire for self gratification.

It’s time we put such a wicked behavior to rest. It’s time we live for God and life for His purpose. We cannot be lazy for God’s glory.  So let us lay it aside.

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31



You think how you work

Any decent military operates like a well oiled machine. Orders are given, and they are followed. Disorder and disobedience are dealt with immediately and the punishment is usually severe. Over time, new cadets learn to follow orders without question. Throughout their training, they receive an order, and they follow it. They receive another order, and they follow it. When it comes time for battle, and their life is on the line, they continue to follow orders because it is what they were trained to do.

We are in the Lord’s military. We fell in rank when we received salvation. But when God gives an order to you, is it followed like it would be in the military? Too often, Christian discipline pales in comparison to discipline found in the average military.

God doesn’t always hand out immediate punishment for insubordination, but the punishment is still there. God wants us to discipline ourselves. Proverbs 16:3 gives us insight on how to do just that.

“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.”

You may be thinking, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Well, think of the military again. Military personnel follow small orders all the time to train themselves for the big orders that come later. It is easy to change your actions for a moment, but it can be harder to change how you think. If your thinking is incorrect, it’s hard to remember to keep it in check all the time. God tells us that if we will do right things for God, then our thoughts will eventually be focused on right.

So I challenge you, do the little things. Maybe you should practice diligence by organizing something or making a chore list. Work to overcome laziness by doing something productive at the start of your day. Do something nice for that person that annoys you the most, and watch your attitude change.

Sometimes changing our thoughts isn’t all that hard, it’s just simple training. Start now!