When God takes a battle stance against you

“Put em up!” two guys face off in a back alley. Their posture is slightly crouched, one foot diagnolly behind the other, fists in the air, they’re leaning forward on the balls of their feet, anticipating the other’s move.

Two cowboys face off in a duel, they face one another with their guns holstered. Hands held inches away from their guns, twitching with anticipation.

“Take aim” is heard above the noise of battle as a row of muskets are lowered and prepared to send a volley of lead into the enemy.

Different cultures and and peoples have had many ways to prepare for a fight. I’m sure you can imagine some picture in your mind of what that would look like. Modern day warfare might be locking in a target, or plugging in the keys to a missile launch.

I want you to keep those images in your mind. Keep the attitudes and the tension in your memory as you read this verse,

“Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” James 4:6b

That word resist, is a military term referring to taking a battle stance. Setting up troops. Drawing your sword if you will. When you puff yourself up with pride, God is getting ready to war against you. He will resist you in life, and it will not end well.

Proverbs 6 tells us very clearly that God hates pride. He considers it an abomination. it’s listed just as high up as murder and lying. When we act and live in pride, we put ourselves in a position that God makes himself ready to war against us. When we humble ourselves however, he gives us grace.

Search your heart to find any elements of pride. Decide to┬áhumble yourself. God takes pride very seriously, it’s time we do too.

Unto Blood?

Imagine a great battle, where people line each sides of a field. They draw swords, and charge. As they meet each other, they begin to fight, but then one army retreats. They leave the field in defeat and say that the battle was too hard. When you inspect the troops however, you find that not a single soldier has a scratch on them. They are alright except for a few bumps and bruises.

What would you think of an army that retreated only because they were uncomfortable in a fight? Would you write of their bravery in songs of poems? Would you tell others of their greatness. I think not.

Most likely, we would scoff at such wimps who would call themselves men. We would not praise such people. Those who selflessly sacrifice for the cause, those people are worthy of praise.

We may think little of an army that retreats without any real cause, but in many ways, our Christian life can probably be viewed the same way. How often do we retreat from our daily spiritual battle because the cross of Christ is uncomfortable to bear? Hebrews 12:4 says, Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. What is an army that retreats before even one of their men looses a drop of blood? Not many wars have been won by such a noncommittal group.

And yet, how can we expect to be triumphant in our spiritual warfare unless we are willing to commit wholly to the cause of our Savior?

The war that faces the Christian is not hard. Christ says, Resist the devil, and He will flee from you. – James 4:7

I challenge you, you are in a battle against sin, take it seriously. Have a warfare mentality when it comes to unrighteousness. Don’t give up on your battle because things get a little difficult or fighting your flesh isn’t fun.

Make a conscious decision to commit to standing for righteousness and holiness. Secure the thought in your mind that there is no other option. And you will find your impulses weaker, and you will find that Satan will be fleeing from you. Never forget, God is with you, and the battle is His. All that remains to you is to make a decision to stand.

Won’t you?